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Why Sampmax

Why Choose Sampmax

All for a better life, considering our customer concerning.

Sampmax, the formwork materials technology innovative supplier, is specialist in the formwork plywood, scaffolding, and steel props industry, besides the construction materials, we also consider your budget control, quality maintenance, and new product developments. It is not just a supplier but also your good partner!

Our Value

Strong R&D Investment

Sampmax has more than 50 RD engineers, the core RD team is original from CECEC, and has more than 20 years of experience in the civil engineering and construction field, helping Sampmax to establish its leading technology and reputation.

Strictly QC Maintaince

What makes Sampmax totally different from the other supplier is the most strictly QC policy, with CE, FSC, EN74, and BS1139 standards, we have our company QC policy which is 100% QC selection, each piece of the product must QC qualified before loading.

Solve Customer’s Problems

Sampmax solves customers’ problems, with a professional team and engineers we have the ability to help our customers fix their problems before sales and after-sales. We help our clients, as we are not just a supplier but a partner.

Time & Costs

We help customers save money, with fast delivery time we help them save job working days, with analysis of the drawing we may help our customers save materials.

High Standards with Completed Certificates

Sampmax produces quality standards Carb P2, OSHA, FSC, CE, EN74/BS11139, and environmental standards of EN-13986:2004, ISO9001, and ISO14001. Sampmax factories are all certificated by SGS, TUV, SIGM, etc.

Sampmax Service Concept

Always think like we are our customers, the only way to solve our problems is to solve our customers’ problems.

Our Certificates

Strong Manufacturer

Relying on high-tech equipment such as automatic plate layout machines, automatic welding robots, and mechanical arms, Sampmax has a quality system higher than the industry standard and a strong production capacity to ensure customer product quality and fast delivery.

Customer Care

Sampmax Construction only provides a high standard and quality materials for construction industries. When encountering a conflict between cost and higher safety factors, we will give priority to providing the most suitable solution and remind customers to choose products with higher safety factors.

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Fast Delivery

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