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Scaffolding Swivel Castor Wheel for Scaffolding

Scaffolding Swivel Castor Wheel is an accessory that can move the scaffold. It is composed of rubber wheels and stainless steel. It can move and fix the scaffold. It is an important scaffolding tower accessory. Scaffolding Swivel Castor Wheel Scaffolding casters are standard scaffolding components, composed of solid round rods with a diameter of 34.5mm and a length of 100mm and iron core rubber wheels. Advantage: The design is scientific, safe to use, and the brake lever is pressed down in place, namely The rolling of the wheels can be locked to ensure the safety of the scaffolding when working. Convenient operation, when the scaffold needs to be moved a short distance, the brake can be released with one button Ø34.5 solid round plunger is formed by precision drawing, and the nut is welded and fixed. Full brake device, lock the rotation of the wheel and the rotation of the bead plate at the same time after braking. The surface of the bracket is electro-galvanized to resist corrosion. Adopt iron core rubber wheels, oil filling cups are installed at the hub, and industrial needle bearings are standard. Heat-treated spring steel bushing, Ø19*3 seamless steel pipe casing, 8.8 grade M12.5×87 special bolts, lock nut lock. The load capacity is 200-500kg (about 440-1100 pounds). Technical Data:
Name: Scaffolding Swivel Castor Wheel
Raw Materials: Q235+Rubber Wheel
Caster diameter: 200mm 8inch
Tread width: 50mm 2inch
Assembly rod diameter: 34.5mm 1.36inch
Assembly rod length: 100mm 4inch
Mounting hole height: 63.5mm 2.5inch
Assembly aperture: 12.7mm 0.5inch
Rotational eccentricity: 53mm 2.08inch
Rotation radius: 153mm 6.02inch
The total height of the product: 237mm 9.33”
Product net weight: 5.3kg 11.7lbs
Standard: EN74/AS1576.2/BS1139

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